Practice Areas

At Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman and Guekguezian, LLP, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Malpractice defense — All of our partners are highly experienced defending health care professionals of all specialties in the most complex medical and dental malpractice cases, including those involving catastrophic injury or death. 
  • Asbestos defense / Toxic Tort — Partner A. Bernard Guekguezian is a well-known and established litigator who always provides an aggressive defense at trial, in cases on behalf of insurance companies and asbestos manufacturers.
  • Civil litigation — While we always explore the possibility of resolving cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, we will not hesitate to try even the most complex cases, including those that involve representing insurance companies, litigating construction disputes and defending product manufacturers.
  • Healthcare licensing and regulatory — At Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman and Guekguezian, LLP, we help professionals facing investigations or disciplinary actions against their licenses following complaints filed with licensing and regulatory boards.
  • Appellate law — In addition to being seasoned and successful trial lawyers, the legal team at our firm is composed of skilled appellate specialists. Many of our attorneys started their careers as law clerks in the appellate court system.
  • Employment law — We bring a thorough knowledge of state and federal statutes in our representation of employers facing accusations of discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Education law — Our Rhode Island attorneys represent clients in matters regarding education law, including all administrative matters before Rhode Island Department of Education (“RIDE”) and other administrative and governmental agencies, as well as claims under the Americans with Disabilities Acts, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Insurance & Reinsurance — Our attorneys assist clients on professional liability coverage issues and claims focusing on hospitals, mental health facilities, and correctional healthcare. In this role, they serve as Underwriter’s Representative and advise their clients in their analysis of claims.  They provide guidance to international insurers and reinsurers in risk management and assist in resolving disputed matters.

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