Asbestos/Toxic Tort

Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman and Guekguezian, LLP is a law firm that is well-known by insurance companies and asbestos manufacturers nationwide. We bring a track record of success in trial litigation of asbestos cases, a rarity in this complex area of practice. With so much at stake, our clients need that level of advocacy from an attorney fighting for the best resolution.

Courtroom litigation experience is vital beyond going to trial. Our trial experience also allows us to assess risks immediately and help make educated decisions on the best options.

A. Bernard Guekguezian — a partner at Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman and Guekguezian, LLP — is a nationally-known Boston defense attorney who has tried dozens of cases involving claims of death or catastrophic injury to winning jury verdict.  He has over 20 years of experience in litigating claims of serious illness and catastrophic injuries caused by asbestos and other types of toxic or hazardous substances. His background in trying cases is enhanced by his ability to bring together complex technical and medical details on behalf of insurance companies and asbestos manufacturers.

National asbestos manufacturers, distributors and retailers have relied on Mr. Guekguezian for his handling of multiple lawsuits in numerous jurisdictions. As regional counsel for New England, he has successfully resolved dozens of cases annually with the support of staff and key data tracking, analyzing and reporting on thousands of claims.

While similar to asbestos cases, toxic substance exposure claims often involve "sick building syndrome" and accidents caused by construction materials or certain methods. In toxic torts, Mr. Guekguezian teams with pre-eminent physicians and scientists throughout the nation to serve as consultants and expert witnesses.

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